The Annual Boat Cruise

Why Sponsor A Boat Cruise?


Fundamentally the culture of the Boat Party is one of goodwill. Guests know, look forward to and appreciate the event. It’s  a unique event where people are happy to mingle, make new associations in an environment that is not overly “commercial”. 


Started in 2013 as a ICT industry “get together” and funded by now 33 year young Enex TestLab as a industry goodwill gesture its history results in wide support by vendors, industry luminaries and Associations alike.


Enex TestLab is not an event company. It’s a certified testing facility with a background stepped in ICT expertise. So as such, the focus is on a great event, not event revenue. Without exception organisations are surprised how affordable sponsorship is.


If you want to attend a tech heavy talkfest this is not the event for your. Given the event’s history there is a blend of youth and “experience”, government, corporates and vendors. Lastly, the guest list reflects the increasing number of women in the ICT industry.


Could there be a better venue than the Sydney harbour? Obviously not. Then it is a 100 metre walk down the wharf to continue the festive feeling looking out over Darling Harbour.


The Boat Cruise and Party and a unique event. The combination of the occasion, catering and venue ensure your guest remember the day and your hospitality fondly.


Whist Enex TestLab is not an event company, we’ve garnered more experience than many event companies. For the Boat Cruise we modestly say we know what works and what guests and sponsors alike appreciate.

Due to the nature of the event, sponsorship opportunities are limited and reviewed on a first come first served basis. If you are at all interested please request a sponsorship package today.