The Annual Boat Cruise

Join us for the 10th annual Enex TestLab Boat Cruise

It's getting closer every day

It on now!

What is the Enex TestLab Boat Cruise?

Since 2013 the Enex TestLab Boat Cruise has become the “by invitation only” ICT networking and social event. 

An enjoyable cruise on Sydney harbour complimented by an industry Networking Event and Association After Party results in a unique opportunity to network and socialise.

For event sponsors it’s the ideal opportunity to enhance reputations and build relationships.

Become a Sponsor

Invite your guests, network with government, corporate and industry guests in a warm, hospitable and memorable environment.

Industry Associations

A chance to renew association acquaintances and network at the afterparty kicking off at the Sporting Globe x 4 Pines on the King Street Wharf.

Secure your Invitation

Yes, its invitation only. Cruise around Sydney harbour, catch-up on friends, network like crazy at this no-cost once a year opportunity.

Guest Profile

Now in its tenth year and spawned from ICT Associations, the Annual Boat Cruise has become an event all look forward to. Being such an entertaining and no cost invite event results in invitation being in high demand. This results in guests that are significant in the ICT industry. 

Secure your chance to meet true key ICT industry leaders.